We want our guests to come, have fun, and go home well, so while you are staying with us, we intend to do our best to keep you safe. Unlike Airbnbs and other unregulated short term rentals, every year our Inn is licensed and inspected by the State of New York Health Department. These are the additional steps we will be taking:

  • If at any time before you are scheduled to come to our Inn, you don’t feel well, please don’t come. We will refund any deposit and hope to see you when you are better. If you don’t feel well after you arrive, please leave and we will refund the balance of your stay.
  • The Inn has thirteen rooms, four of those rooms share two hall baths. During this pandemic, we will limit the occupancy of these shared hall bath rooms to two at any one time so that each room has a hall bath to one room and baths are not shared between rooms. All of our three separate cottages have at least one bath, full kitchens and living rooms with separate bedrooms.
  • We have a self-check in system. You will not need to come into contact with us when you arrive. There is a podium in the entry room and there is a clipboard with the names of the guests and their room and how to find the room from that location. (There is a diagram on the web site under the “INNteresting stuff” tab that you can use to orient yourself as well).
  • Our staff will be checking temperatures daily to be as sure as we can that we are clear of the virus.
  • We will wear a mask and stay at least 6’ away from you whenever possible. We ask that you do the same when you are around us or other guests.
  • We will not enter your room, unless you ask us to.
  • The Inn has four common areas and a kitchenette. We will sanitize all high contact surfaces in the common areas and kitchenette regularly and hand sanitizer gel will be available for your use. The front porch is 60 feet long and has several chairs on it for all guests to use, just observe the 6 foot request.
  • Breakfast is served in the breakfast room. There are five large tables. No other party will sit at your table. The time and food selection will be made by you the day before so when you come down to breakfast your food will already be on your table.
  • Some guests have told us our rooms are immaculate, and they are, but we will be revising our routine to sanitize and disinfect more surfaces. Check-in times may be slightly delayed because of our expanded routine.
  • If you need us for anything, we will be just a phone call, e-mail or doorbell away from addressing your request.